Five Quick Tips to decorate your Kitchen.

protech kitchen tips

Kitchen is the heart of the house.

Most of us love our kitchens. It is not only about cooking, but also about feeling good about spending time cooking. For the home maker and the food lover, the kitchen is the heart of the house.

The beauty and cleanliness of our house reflects in the cleanliness and the decor of the Kitchen. It reflects on the personality and status of the home-makers.

Here are a few tips that you may consider when you are thinking of renovating or redecorating the kitchen. They sound very simple but most of us make bad choices about simple things. Lets take your kitchen look from tired to inspired.

Focus on the Eye Level

Since we incline to see things at the eye level before really seeing the rest of the room, it will help us to focus on redecorating elements that fall at the eye level. Most noticeable changes you can make in a kitchen involve the wall tiles, fridge magnets and lower cabinets around the stove and hooks. Updating your kitchen wall décor with the theme of the kitchen will make a big visual impact. Hooks are a great way of adding storage and changing the look of your kitchen.

Apt Color


One of the best ways to create the look and feel of any room is by deciding on a theme for the kitchen. It can have a summer theme, or traditional theme. The colour should match and contrast with the theme. We are talking about small changes here. Consider your existing worktop, cabinets, kitchen stools, appliances and other fittings that can be painted, to make sure your new color will compliment them. Don’t be afraid to add small splashes of color too.

Small appliances as decoration tool

protech kitchen tips

Small appliances come in various shapes and colours. A fridge may be too expensive but we can be very creative with smaller appliances like the toaster or the mixer. Even tools like spoon stand, salt and pepper stands, mats etc can act more like jewelry for your kitchen. You can easily move them around or put them away whenever you want.


protech_clean_kitchen idea tips

De-clutter and tidy

You want your new kitchen style to sparkle, and tidying regularly is going to help do just that. Every item in the kitchen should have its own stand and storage space. Keeping your appliances clean is going to vastly improve the room’s overall look. Secondly, no one likes a grimy surface. Using mustard oil for cooking creates more grime. So cleaning regular is a must for a typical Assamese family.

New shelving

Protech kitchen shelf tips

Like we said, having a space for each kitchen item gives the kitchen a very professional tidy look. Appropriate shelving helps. A floating shelf or two can really lift a kitchen and bring it in line with modern trends.This type of shelving is not only practical, but it also gives you a chance to show off some cool pieces like statement vases and stunning candles, copper pans and pretty plants.

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