Your home is an investment of a lifetime. Protech ensures that it becomes a lifelong bliss.

Inspection at Protech Contruction

A home in Guwahati is an investment of a lifetime.

Living in Guwahati is a need for many of us. Buying a flat in the same city is a dream come true. Everyone wants to buy a flat that is a life long bliss, for it is an investment of a lifetime. We at Protech Group understands the sentiment and emotion attached to buying Protech Homes in the city of Guwahati.

Protech Group has been a pioneer real estate builder and developer of Guwahati delivering residential project after project before its committed delivery time. We have built 12 residential projects comprising 393 flats in a little over 10 years. We understand that everybody wants an ideal home for themselves.The purpose of any home is to provide the feeling of a cosy nest, which protects us from the extremities; and is durable for a long time to come.

These are the five top of mind benefits that Protech Group ensures in all its residential properties. With every newer project, Protech Group is getting better with experience.

Protech Homes – Windows and Ventilation

Apart from a strong earthquake resistant structure, proper natural light and ventilation is key to a cosy, Protech builds well lit, properly ventilated flat designscomfortable, healthy home. We aim to design the architecture and interior walls in such a way that every flat in the residential apartment complex gets maximum possible daylight.

At the same time, it is necessary to have a scientific orientation of the house for proper ventilation and for the wind to flow seamlessly within the flat. Windows are preferred to be aluminium sliding windows for better air conditioning, noise reduction and good minimalistic look.

Inspection of Protech Homes during construction

Inspection at Protech ContructionWe have have the best architectural & structural designs, yet we may falter in its implementation if we do not have a professional approach to inspection during construction. Protech Group has a definitive time-tested process that is followed by it’s technical experts to check the entire project from the foundation to its final completion. So, till we hand over the keys to you, we would have done our best to make sure that your home is built with high standards, and is ready for you to move into.

Premium brand of fittings in Protech Homes

Before opting for any property, one should make a checklist of what your builder is using in terms of Indicative view of bathroom fittingselectrical fittings, bathroom fittings and kitchen fittings. Bathroom fittings are very critical to the lifelong bliss quotient. Bathroom fittings of a good brand is not only elegant and adds to the beauty of the house, but also is durable in terms of no leakage and rusting.

Similarly, a good brand for electrical fittings is equally important, for it directly affects the fire safety of your home. Kitchen, being the heart of the home needs good quality granite countertops, good quality water proof laminates and electrical points at the right place for the fridge and the mixer.

In terms of tiles, are we getting the anti slippery, better water absorption and abrasion, aesthetically more appealing premium tile brand? Protech Group uses the best in class brands in all the above fittings. We don’t compromise on quality.

Exteriors & Open Space:

Quality homes have a great looking landscape, open space and a large arrival area. It is important to Indicative Cantilever Balconyhave the common area lighting to be efficient and connected to a 24/7 generator set. If possible, it is better to have a separate entry and an exit gate. We have planned separate entry and exit in our upcoming project, Protech Galaxy at Bhetapara.

Quality of lifts in the project also reflects the personality of the project. Protech Group installs branded automatic high speed lifts that we all will be proud of. In terms of exterior walls, they need to have a putty layered finish painted with all-weather emulsion paint for long durability. Using Cantilever technology for balconies with the finesse of vitrified tiles of matching colour gets a modern outlook for the building. On the whole, Protech Group ensures that you get the best bang for the amount of money you are spending on your future home.

A good night’s sleep in a Protech Home

At every Protech property, sophisticated inter-com facilities at entry points with CCTV monitoring provide continuous surveillance of the ground floor, entry & exit points, lifts and staircase areas. Moreover, every Protech property comes equipped with fire alarms, extinguishers, fire fighting devices and a fire fighting water reservoir. Protech homes are therefore safer and more secure, and it guarantees you a good night’s sleep to wake up fresh the next morning to work with renewed vigour.

At Protech Group, we have understood that these five points are always top of mind when it comes to planning for a cosy, durable and comfortable housing facilities. So we give our best to provide these benefits, and we are getting better at it with every new residential project.

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