Fire Safety Tips from Protech Group

fire retardant home at protech group guwahati assam


Home is the best place to be. Protech Group believes that safety of our homes are paramount. It is essential to invest into the safety and security of our home. It is observed that a lot of times, we postpone important decisions regarding fire safety standards and contingency planning to make our home safe from unwanted hazards like a sudden fire.

The only way to ensure fire safety is to invest in fire safety equipment and to ensure fire safety measures are up to date. Here is a list of critical points that we should implement in our homes for ourselves and our families:

Fire Alarm at Protech Group

Fire alarm:

Installing fire alarms is one of the most vital fire safety equipment that you should have in your home. This will alert you of any possible flames and help you control the fire. Protech Group provides fire alarm control panel at each block that connects to the main fire pump. This ensures that anybody can initiate fire call from the push button provided at each floor.



Fire Extinguisher at Protech group, guwahati Assam
Fire Extinguisher at Protech Group

Fire Extinguishers

To safeguard against small fires, every home should invest in a good quality fire extinguisher. Almost all fires are small at first, and can be contained with a fire extinguisher. You should be careful while selecting the right kind of fire extinguisher, because there are different ones for different kinds of fires. To ensure safety, Protech Group provides Fire Extinguishers on each floor, so that you can access one quickly in case of an emergency.


electrical wiring at protech group, Guwahati Assam
Electrical wiring at Protech Group

Electric Wiring

In this age of electronics, electricity led fire is very common. It is important to make sure that all our wiring are in good condition. If you see any tampered wiring, call a professional electrician to fix it immediately. We must have a fuse in every room that goes off in case of any short circuit. At Protech Group, we dont compromise on the quality of wiring and in the quality of engineers doing the fittings. We provide fire retardant cables with high grade copper to withstand high load.

Kids’ safety is of utmost importance.

Kids’ safety

Keep flammable items and fire hazardous materials out of children’s reach. Keep electrical appliances out of children’s reach. Ensure that the wires are located somewhere out of their reach. We provide lockable meters in our campus so that your children can play in our lawns without any danger.


Turn off the power

Make sure you switch off your electrical equipment after use. The appliances that consumer higher wattage like cooking heaters, water heaters, iron should be turned off and removed out of the socket after its use. Do not forget to turn the knob off the cylinder when not in use. When you go on vacation, or for an extended time, we should recheck all our electrical sockets with appliances.

Our homes are special for us. We have to make sure that it is safe. We have to get away from the normal urge to postpone important decisions regarding fire safety for our homes. After all, life is precious and family is more so.

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