Live right in the Centre of the City – Protech Tara Hira

Luxury living in the centre of the city:

Living in a luxurious apartment right in the heart of the city has been always been a far-fetched dream. Protech Tara Hira is making your dreams into reality. With an area about 1678 square feet, Protech Tara Hira is our grand dream project located at A.K. Azad Road.

Protech Tara Hira

What makes Protech Tara Hira unique?


The residential apartment, Protech Tara Hira is located right on the main road in the heart of the city, well connected to major hubs to major hospitals, two major colleges and the national highway.



The main features of Protech Tara Hira that makes it a standout are: 


Vastu compliant flats: All the flats are vastu compliant. We understand the importance of positive energy to transform a house into a home.




Puja Room: All the flats have a dedicated puja room. They are facing  Northeast direction. Puja room facing to the Northeast direction is considered as “Shubh” or lucky.




 Natural life and Hill-view: All the corner flats have an over-looking hill view. With good ventilation, all the rooms have sufficient natural light and fresh air, which is a luxury in the city-life.




Close to all commercial hubs: It is closer to all the main commercial hubs such as Athgaon, Ulubari, Paltan Bazar and Fancy Bazar. So, commute to your business hubs is easy. It saves both money and time.

Hospitals and Colleges: It is closer to some major hospitals like the Hyatt Hospital and Kalicharan Nursing Home. It also closer to B. Barooah College and Arya Vidyapeeth College.

Markets nearby: It is located nearby market places so there is no hassle of doing your day to day shopping needs such as grocery and other lifestyle products. You can now pick up items while going for an evening stroll or coming back from work.

So wait no more and book your flat with Protech Tara Hira to experience the luxury life right in the heart of the city.

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