How to take care of your wooden furniture?

Why are wooden furniture preferred in most households?

Wooden furniture has a certain classic appeal to it that makes it timeless. It is still preferred than the metallic alloys furniture that require far less maintenance.

Wooden furniture is very popular and most commonly found accessory in Indian homes. It not only looks great, but can also last you a long time if taken proper care. Whether it is an antique furniture or a gorgeous dining table, all of them require care.

Wood is vulnerable to temperature changes, light and moisture. It’s very important that it is taken proper care from time to time.

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How to clean wooden your furniture?

Below are some few tips for keeping wooden furniture clean and shiny so that it lasts longer:

  • Use Protective Mats: An essential part of everyday maintenance is to place protective mats under them. It prevents the wood from scratching.
  • Protect from dust: Clean wooden furniture on regular basis by removing the dust first. Attach a dusting brush to your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. It prevents from scratching it. You can also opt for a soft microfiber cloth instead.
  • Get the right cleaner: Always apply a specialized wood cleaning product. Follow the instructions on the label, and choose your product to suit the finish on your furniture. Avoid cleaners with ammonia in it which can cause long term damage to the surface.

Know about the wood and the finishing before you clean it:

Wooden furniture comes in a multitude of styles, composition and finishing. If you’re looking to give your wood a good clean some of the most common wood finishing types are as follows:

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  • Unsealed finishing: The cleaner should be applied with a cloth and not directly on the furniture. Avoid keeping the furniture wet.
  • Varnish: It is sensitive to water as well. Dust with a slightly damp cloth. You can use a specialized cleaning solution when removing tough stains.
  • Wax: It demands a soapy wood cleaner – always opt for a targeted commercial product.
  • Paint: Its surface is not as sensitive as the other ones. You can use a solution made with washing up liquid to scrub it.

Things to keep in mind while taking care of your wooden furniture:


Keep your wooden furniture away from Sunlight: Direct sunlight is  good for any type of furniture as UV rays can cause very quick and direct damage to wooden surfaces. It is always advisable to keep stuff away from sunlight and in conditions that are stable.



Taking care of temperature and humidity: Temperature and moisture are essential for managing wooden furnishings. Wood expands absorbing moisture and over a period of time excess humidity will lead to cracks.


Get them polished once every year or two by a professional: Polishing is a specialized job that requires care. This might appear as a costly venture, but the number of years it extends the life of your furniture will ultimately make it a profitable option.

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