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How to make your home Eco-friendly?

We are facing an urgent need across the world to become environment friendly. Eco-friendly lifestyle is becoming essential to lead a life of a responsible citizen. Some simple changes in everyday human life can make our homes, our lives healthier, safer and greener.

Let us discuss a few ideas to make our life and our homes Eco-friendly.

Save Energy

Protech BlogEvery extra unit of electricity that we use, means the use of coal and depletion of the earth. Majority of our electricity sources are still non-renewable. Using energy efficient light bulbs such as CFL and LED bulbs can save energy, as it uses less electricity. Not only they are energy efficient, they also last longer.

Secondly, you can use energy efficient windows in your home that help you save plenty on your energy bill with their better insulation so that you can stay cool in summer and warm in the winter.

Thirdly, using ‘Energy-Star Qualified” appliances can help you to reduce energy consumption. What else, lets not forget to unplug the appliances after using it.

Pick a better wall paint

Many wall paints contain chemicals that help paint spread evenly. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and can cause many health problems as well. They are specially harmful for people with allergies and respiratory ailments. Using wall paints that contain low levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds) can help significantly in making the environment fresh.

Plant trees, have a garden

Protech BlogPlanting trees is our duty. Investing a little time in the morning developing a garden in the terrace or the balcony is a small but significant step. Working in a home garden is also healthy. It burns a lot of calories. They are the easiest tasks one can do for a green environment.

Tree shades can reduce the amount of energy people spent to cool their house in the summer. Planting of trees is a step towards Eco-friendly environment that takes some time to realize its full benefit. Trees produce oxygen and absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide and monoxide that is generated by vehicular pollution.

Use Eco-friendly products

Using Eco-friendly or green products in our homes feels great. It helps us to go green. You can use green products in your wide variety of daily activities such as transportation, clothing, etc. Few things that you can use are biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags, stainless-steel water bottles for drinking your water, recycled fabric clothes, shoes made from recycled and naturally occurring materials, reusable cotton clothes and towels instead of paper towels etc. Use fuel-efficient cars or bicycles to reduce the carbon emissions from the vehicles. Even better you can find a place to live that is close to your work, grocery store and other places that you frequently visit.

Some quick Eco-friendly tips

These are some quick tips that you can take to keep the home environment friendly:

  1. Move your refrigerator away from sunlight heat. It requires extra energy to keep things cool under direct sunlight.
  2. You can use mattresses without synthetic chemicals or toxic materials for sleeping. Non-toxic mattresses are useful for health also.
  3. You can keep a little plant on the bedside table. It improves the air circulation in the room and also provides a nice Eco touch to the Earth.
  4. In the kitchen, using non-stick, stainless steel or iron pans can emit harmful toxic fumes which can have a negative impact on your home’s air quality.

These simple tips can make our homes and our lifestyles Eco-friendly. We don’t need to spend a lot to make our environment sustainable. Protech Group advocates an Eco-friendly environment and always plans and designs projects with the environment in mind.

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