Beat the heat with your cool decor ideas!

Summer Home Decor Ideas

Everyone prefers calm and soothing interior decor ideas for the summer. Interior decor ideas play a critical role in managing the scorching heat of the summers. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your home cool and pleasant in this summer:

Opt for cool and soothing colours:

Using light colours within the house is the first interior decor idea for the summer. It will reflect light and heat and give a pleasant ambiance to the living space. Work with neutral colours like ivory or shades of green, to retain the cooling effect. Warm tones like olive, lilac or burgundy can be soothing, without seeming overwhelming. Blue, green and beige are the ideal colours for summer.   Interior decor with Cool colours for the summers - Protech Group

Spruce up the home with natural fabrics:Interior Decor ideas with cotton for the summers - Protech Group

Cotton is by far the best natural fabric to use in the summer, for bedding and sofas, followed by linen. It is a breathe-able fabric and have great insulating properties. Natural fabrics, like cotton and linen are skin and environmentally friendly. Changing your decor becomes easy by simply switching up your bed linen.

Go for floral this summer:

Floral is very trending right now. If you have been considering incorporating this trendy look into your home, summer is the perfect time to make the leap. It is an easy way to add a pop of nature to any room in your home.

Interior decor ideas for the summers - Protech Group.

Cool Interior Decor with indoor plants:

Interior Decor ideas for the summer - Protech Group

Keeping indoor plants is a simple way to cool a space and purify the quality of air. Indoor plants and plants on the window sills helps in bringing down the temperature. Arranging them fancy pots adds style to your house. Some

house plants like English ivy and peace lily absorb moisture from the air and reduce humidity. Plants tolerant to heat are sunflower, lemon grass, banana and palm. It gives a cooling touch to the house.

Choose energy-efficient and cool lights:

Switch to compact fluorescent or LED lamps to reduce the heat .These lights helps in saving energy. You experiment with mood lighting for a pleasant ambiance. There are a plenty of devices in the market that allows you to set different lighting tones depending on how you are feeling.

Below there are a few points that will make our home summer-friendly:

  1. Insulated walls and roofs and double glazed windows can substantially reduce the heat gain and reduce the load on air-conditioning units.
  2. Ensure that the air-conditioners in the house are serviced regularly and their filters cleaned to maximize efficiency.
  3. Raxene, leather and other artificial materials should be avoided for sofas. Opt for cotton and linen for a more comfortable setting. You can even use cotton slip covers on the sofas, for a quick seasonal makeover.
  4. For beds, keep away the heavy duvets, velvet satin silk and opt for lighter cottons.
  5. Cluttering makes a space appear smaller and adds to the heat. Think minimalistic and weed out unwanted things.
  6. Avoid silk carpets for the floor. Use stylish cotton woven rugs or let the floor remain bare.
  7. Installing bamboo blinds on doorways, balconies and verandas, will keep the house cool. Use natural materials like rattan and teak, for a relaxing feel.
  8. Use shading devices over the windows, to reduce the heat gain. Allow for ample cross-ventilation at home, by opening the doors and windows on opposite directions, in the evening.
  9. Add aromatic tropical scents to your living room to give your home a summery feel.
  10. In summer, the bathroom can be a relaxing space to beat the heat. Dress it up in colourful and stylish accessories, soft bath linen, fragrant oils and refreshing bath products.

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