Beautify your home with Paper Craft Items

Butterfly design in Paper Craft for your home.

There is no limit to how one can beautify her home with paper craft items. They are easy to learn and implement. Paper Craft Art needs a bit of patience and practice and one can be a pro at crafting their own designs.

It is not expensive.

Decorating up the home isn’t always about spending high. Paper craft art are low cost ideas that are high on beauty. Such crafts can enhance the beauty of the interiors at a negligible cost. Easy to learn, they are perfect for beginners and the final products are versatile decor items. Depending on your skills, select simple or intricate and inter-weaved designs.

Origin of Paper Craft

The origin of paper crafts art hails from China. The sheer beauty and simple methods to craft them, have earned them global recognition. Paper craft art have found a place not only in the craft classes in our schools but also grabbed the attention of interior designers who are incorporating them lavishly into their interior designs.

You can either get the ready-to-use paper craft art from the market or try the DIY crafts to brighten up the dull corners of your home. Read on and transform your home from drab to fab.

Blend of origami-fractalPaper Art Design for your home

Origami is the art of folding paper repeatedly and fractal deals with repeated forms and when mixed together, they create amazing artwork. Why not try fractal origami to deck up your space? The options with fractal are myriad, right from flowers such as fractal lotus to roses. Give it a shot to the snowflake fractal or Origami fractal pyramids. However, remember that the latter demands a lot of time. It is a tedious process.

Paper Art Design for your home

3-D wall paper cubesPaper Art Design for your home

If you are bored of the usual 2-D origami pieces, try a fresh twist with the 3D pieces. Begin with the easiest 3D shape, i.e. a paper cube. Gradually move to a tad difficult shapes, such as pyramids, teddy bears, penguins, birds, or even flowers by using 3D origami art.

Paper lamp

Paper lamps are in demand in the home as well as in the party settings. Try your skills at ‘Do It Yourself’ and opt for origami lamps.

Paper Art Design for your home

These variants are one of the simplest yet stylish ways of incorporating origami decor in your abode. Get some coloured origami papers, preferably the bright-hued ones and start making your lamps. A few popular ideas to consider are the geometric shaped lamps, intricately cut paper lamps, rolled paper lamps, and the pendant lamps to craft an origami paper lamp. If you don’t want to make by yourself, try the ready-made ones easily available in the market.


Variegated animal paper headsPaper Art Designs for your home.

There must be favourite animals of your little ones and they would love to have their replicas in interesting ways. Instead of stuffing their rooms with soft toys, try to create variegated animal heads with paper and adorn the walls with them.

Paper Designs of animal headsWhile the children’s room appears to be the best spot to flaunt them, alternatively you can be bold and create a small zoo on the living room’s wall. This quirky display is sure to earn you rave reviews from the onlookers. If you wish to make them look real, use the same coloured paper akin to the skin of the animals you are crafting. Add an extra touch by painting it with other features, to make them look like the heads of a real animals.

Get the ready-to-use paper craft designs from the market or try DIY crafts at home. You can learn from the various videos on YouTube, to brighten up the dull corners of your home. Protech Group encourages DIY crafts.

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